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Wooden Ludo Board Game

Material -Wood
Dimensions - 21.5 x 21.5 x 0.25 cm
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Made In India
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This Ludo (L-Shaped) game board from Engraved Store is exactly the product you are looking for in your family. A great strategy board game that can be played with two to four players and is very handy for traveling. Made using Mango Wood, this stimulating shape game board makes it a perfect centerpiece for any table. A perfect gift especially for kids that will help them get improvement with smarter brains better on both IQ and EQ. The product is made in India and is poison and hazard-free.

How to play :

Players in turns, race each other around the round to be the first ones to get all of their colored pegs to the Base. Alternate rolling the dice, every player should roll a six preceding moving a piece onto the track from the beginning position. During the game when a player rolls a six they get another throw.

The pegs move concerning the number that appeared on the dice. If the ball lands on one of your opponents they are knocked off and should get back to the beginning position. On the off chance that one of your pegs lands on top of another peg of yours - it forms a block. Your block. can't be passed by any of the rival’s pieces.

At the point when a peg finishes right around the board, it can enter the HOME segment. To land in the HOME you must throw the exact number.

Disclaimer - Given that this product is in pinewood material and intricately designed; there may be slight variations in the design, texture, and color of the actual product than shown in the image. Such variations are inherent in the manufacturing of wooden products. Please do not consider this as a defect or a wrong delivery.

Bulk Enquiry -  For information on bulk orders please contact on +91-7339918685

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