About Us

The Engraved Store is a well-renowned online store that has continually featured a variety of high-quality and affordable products since day one.

Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning and continues to drive us into the future. The team at The Engraved Store knows that every product counts, and strives to make the entire shopping experience as rewarding and fun as possible. Check out our store and special offers, and get in touch with questions or requests. 

Our relationship of a lifetime has constantly been nurtured with irrevocable love and never-ending dedication for the past 8 years. The creative experience of the bygone and the present eras, ages of customer deliverance, and relentless passion led to the birth of The Engraved Store. We tell stories of the luxurious heritage of Indian history by carefully carving them onto the wood produced by the soil of our great nation. We fetch inspiration from the wildly nourishing Mother Earth. At The Engraved Store, an extensive range of unique wall décor products, home accessories, wooden jewelry, corporate gifts, bookshelves, and various other utility products are offered under our umbrella. Our efforts are streamlined to create artifacts that redefine grace and exquisiteness of simplicity.

We truly fathom how difficult it is for people living in cities to shift from one place to another. With this, the foremost concern arises in moving those cherished belongings – either most of the artifacts cannot withstand this toll and have to be unfortunately left behind or the transportation costs are just too high. This is the most profound thought that laid the strong foundation of The Engraved Store. We dismiss this hassle altogether. We rely on easy interlocking pieces while designing our products that are easy to assemble and disassemble. Furthermore, this approach also eliminates the need for nuts, bolts, or even glue.

We are extremely careful in our approach – we endorse conservation and sustainability in all our endeavors. Our objective is to build the bridge connecting what we have and what we need. Protection takes the center stage of every project or idea. We use medium-density fiberboards and sheets, depending on the design and structure of the product.

At the same time, we also are into customized giftings such as luggage tags, bookmarks diaries, etc that endorse both durability and portability, and elegance. The exquisite art and heritage of India defy mortality as a whole. Hence, taking and promoting these crafts to an international level will only infuse eternal longevity and a lasting desire for their presence in our lives.