Counting Tracing Number Board (Wooden)
Counting Tracing Number Board (Wooden)

Counting Tracing Number Board (Wooden)


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Dimension: 29.21 X 29.21 X 1.27 cm

Engraved Store’s beautifully crafted wooden Counting Board is a quintessential tool for your child to help them learn basic math concepts and improve counting skills. This educational toy is engraved with numbers 1 through 10 that can easily be traced with a finger or stylus and includes a set of 55+ coloured balls and a wooden pencil. (The balls differ in colour from those pictured). The board provides children with an amazing opportunity to learn numbers and develop a strong understanding of basic mathematical numbers.

This counting board is Made in India and the finishing of pine, and mango, teak wood ensures this kid's toy is unique. 


At the point when a kid is learning numbers, simply demonstrating to them the number 3 doesn't mean they understand what it addresses. By utilizing this board, your youngster at that point sees the connection between what the number resembles and the number of items incorporated with it. However, even after your kid has learned numbers, they can utilize the board still for additional exercises. Here are a few thoughts on learning through play:-


Notice how even numbers consistently have a pair at the base while odd numbers have a single thing without help from anyone else.


Perceive how 2 is one multiple. 3 is one more than 2. Or then again 4 has two arrangements of 2s. What number of sets of 2 are in 6? or then again 8? Would you be able to perceive how 7 is 3+4 by taking a look at every vertical line in the area? Did you notice each number on the base is five more than the one above it? 1+5=6. 2+5=7. 3+5=8. And so forth Shouldn't something be said about adding the base with the top from one or the other side—1+10=11, 2+9=11, 3+8=11, 4+7=11, and 5+6=11? Isn't it fun discovering all the various combinations?!

3. ADD :

Give your kid a select measure of balls and find which numbers they can be divided into, an act of addition. Six balls can be 1, 2, and 3 added together. In any case, it can likewise be 2 and 4 or 1 and 5. Imagine a scenario in which your kid has 10 balls and places 7 of them on the board—where the rest of the balls go.

4. TRACE :

Show your kid where to start following and which lines to follow. Utilize your fingers or the following stick. Practice with your dominant hand and for fun, have a go at following with your non-dominant hand. With eyes shut, have your children randomly locate a number to trace on the board and identify what it is based on the feeling.

5. RUB :

Spot a piece of paper over the board (either side) and utilize a coloured pencil to rub the paper, making an impression of the board onto the paper. At that point follow inside the lines on the paper or shading in the spots.

The product is made of wood

Wood is easy to care for, but it does love a little tender loving care to keep looking its best. To ensure the longevity of your wooden product, please avoid exposing it to water or moisture. Clean it with a dry cloth.

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Given that this product is made in wood material, has unique wood grain properties, and is intricately designed, there may be slight variations in the product's design, texture, and colour than shown in the image. Such variations are inherent in the manufacturing of wooden products. Please do not consider this as a defect or a wrong delivery.

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